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Check for price:PS1 Park Seat: These seats are designed for comfort and access. The back rest provides lower lumbar support.
Check for price:LB2 Gridmesh Litter Bin Surround: Heavy duty guards for wheelie bins. The top holes prevent improper commercial use. Fit 240l wheelie bins. ‘T’ keys are provided.
Check for price:B1 Bench: Heavy duty plain bench, suitable for places with vandals; schools, parks and so on. It can also be supplied in L or U shapes, or installed around existing buildings. Other lengths to order, eg 2 metre, 4 metre.
Check for price:B2 Bench: This bench is more comfortable than B1, suitable for shopping malls and secure public areas. The extra width makes it easier to restrain small children.
Check for price:B3 Bench: Heavier construction than B1 or B2 benches. The arm rests help the elderly to sit and rise.
Check for price:BS Bus stop: The picture shows an economical kit form. Call us on (02)64524292 in Australia if you need other styles or sizes.
Check for price:OS Overhead shelter: The size will cover any Kay Fabrications table combination. You can combine them to create continuous sheltered walkways. They come in kit form for on-site assembly.

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Page Summary:  Products made to order by Kay Fabrications Outdoor Furniture, also known as KFab, in Australia, in the category of heavy duty steel powder coated outdoor furniture for sites such as schools, parks and streets, are as follows: single and twin park seats, litter bin surrounds, benches, bus stop or taxi shelters, and platforms for railway train or tram. Some are also suitable for home gardens and yards.

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