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Tables and Benches

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Check for price:PTP Picnic Table: Cost-effective and versatile, it has walk-in access to the seats and wheelchair access at the table ends. Tilted seats encourage correct posture and help stop small children falling backwards off the seat.
Check for price:PTO Polygon Table: Separates people by delineating space for each person. Suitable where people are forced together at meal times, for example, road-side stops, corporate lunch areas and community areas. The seat legs give a small spring to the seat which amuses children.
Check for price:TB Table + 2 benches: The separate table and benches are for domestic heavy duty use. They are not usually fixed to the ground.
Check for price:PTP-PS Mini Picnic Table: For children under 12 years. Tilted seats encourage correct posture and help stop small children falling backwards off the seat.
Check for price:BT8 Box Table: For social mixing, it encourages conversation. The seats are a little higher so people put their elbows on the table. Suitable for milk bars, cafeterias and bars. The double seats of this table are well-suited to the 16 to 25 age group and couples.
Check for price:BT4 Box Table: This is a smaller box style, intended for social mixing.
Check for price:GS Garden Seat: The seat and back rest are sloped for comfort. The back rest infill may be varied as required.
Check for price:PS1 Park Seat: These seats are designed for comfort and access. The back rest provides lower lumbar support.
Check for price:SA1 Saucer Bench: For gregarious situations such as an outside classroom or playground group. Students usually face the centre. Popular for Primary and Secondary schools. Can also be used as a tree bench. To place around a tree, ask for bolted connections.
Check for price:B1 Bench: Heavy duty plain bench, suitable for places with vandals; schools, parks and so on. It can also be supplied in L or U shapes, or installed around existing buildings. Other lengths to order, eg 2 metre, 4 metre.
Check for price:B2 Bench: This bench is more comfortable than B1, suitable for shopping malls and secure public areas. The extra width makes it easier to restrain small children.
Check for price:B3 Bench: Heavier construction than B1 or B2 benches. The arm rests help the elderly to sit and rise.

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Page Summary:  Products made to order by G-Kay Fabrications, Outdoor Furniture, also known as KFab, in Australia, in the category of heavy duty steel powder coated outdoor furniture for commercial and industrial sites such as schools, factories, beer gardens, club spaces, parks and community areas, are as follows: picnic table, polygon table (octagonal, 8-sided), table and benches, mini picnic table, box table, simple benches, garden seats, park seats and benches. Some are also suitable for home gardens and yards.

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