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If you are in Australia this site will help you choose outdoor furniture for public areas, gardens and farms. The Australian-made furniture is designed for people of all ages and their social situations. It is made entirely of steel, for long life. This makes it heavy duty, weatherproof, robust and durable. There are no nuts and bolts and no push-on end caps to fall off and get lost. It doesn’t rot, split, suffer from insect attack, or need annual repainting like wooden furniture. So it lasts longer and needs much less maintenance than most outdoor furniture. It’s also harder to vandalise, cockatoos don’t chew on it, and it survives floods. Powder coating is in the standard color range for easy color coordination.

Click on a Products link below, choose your furniture, then send to Kay Fabrications for a quote. Or you can call (02)64524292 from within Australia.

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